Issue 12  •  Spring 2013

Wendy Davis Takes a Stance with Filibuster
Posted on  June 27th, 2013
by Alex Schnee

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Wendy Davis has become a household name by standing up for women’s rights in Texas. By holding a 12-hour filibuster where she did not eat, sleep, or use the restroom, Senator Davis has managed to kill a bill that would close almost every single abortion clinic in the state of Texas. Davis has managed to uphold the rights of young women seeking an abortion, and she states in an interview with CBS (read here), “I was able to do the filibuster because this bill came to the floor on the last day of the special session…it’s not likely that they will make the same mistake again.”

Davis was a single mother with a community college education before she was accepted to Harvard Law. She has not only made large strides in her own life, but she looks to make strides in the way big-government insists on dealing with private, personal decisions.

As young women, we might ask how this affects us. Was Davis’s way of dealing with the issue over-the-top? Or do we admire her and the way she tackled the bill and the Texas government? Was her over-the-top action necessary in order to be heard, or could she have accomplished the same goal in a different way? And do you think the results of Davis’s filibuster will last long term?

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